Video Bureau Series: Reality Show

During the seventh installment of the Video Bureau lecture series, young Taiwanese artist Yu Cheng Ta introduces his idiosyncratic body of work. Like watching a series of experiments, his films capture impromptu performances by non-professional actors humorously reacting to the language games devised by the artist. The influence of reality game shows is evinced in the artist’s choice of cinematography and manner of editing.

Featured in the “The Social Factory,” the Tenth Shanghai Biennale hosted at the Power Station of Art, Practicing Live uses a multi-camera approach to expose actors in the midst of exchanging roles during the making of a family soap opera. With an acute sense of humor, Yu Cheng Ta’s works confront many of the dilemmas and realities facing artists today, his actors continuously dismantling the distinction between real and fictive modes.

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Guest Speakers

Yu Cheng Ta

Currently based in Taipei, the works of Yu Cheng Ta (b. 1983, Tainan) explore the human body in transformation. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, including: “The Sixth Taipei Biennial “ (Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, 2008); “Queens International 2013” (Queens Museum of Art, New York, 2013); and “The Fifth Melbourne International Biennial” (Melbourne, 2012).

Yang Beichen

After receiving a degree in film theory from Université Paris X, Yang Beichen is currently a PH.D. student at the Beijing Film Academy. He also works as a senior editor for artforum.com.cn.


Video Bureau

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New Century Art Foundation (NCAF)

Founded by art collector Mr. Wang Bing in early 2014, New Century Art Foundation (NCAF) aims to study and promote Chinese contemporary art. In addition to the existing art system, NCAF will do supportive and supplementary work for the development of Chinese contemporary art. Through observation, research, and cooperation with good art institutions, NCAF will provide multiple platforms to promote young artists’ creations.

  • 2014.12.14
  • 13:30-15:30
  • UCCA Auditorium
  • In Chinese Only
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