The Light of the Stars
About This Program

In 1979, China’s art and culture flourished as a nascent movement for freedom, democracy, and personal expression grew. Organized by Huang Rui and Ma Desheng, 23 artists came together to form the Stars art movement, advocating for freedom in artistic expression. They hosted an exhibition that filled the small courtyard to the east of National Art Museum of China. The Stars disbanded in 1983, but they remain an important part of art history.

This talk reunites the key players of the Stars: founder Huang Rui, key member Wang Keping, and art critic Li Xianting. Together they will reexamine the history of the Stars and discuss its significance in modern art history.


Huang Rui: Artist and founder of the Stars.

Li Yongcun: Artist and one of the planners for the Stars art exhibition.

Li Xianting: Art critic

Wang Keping: Sculptor and a member of the Stars.


Philip Tinari (director of UCCA)

  • 2013.9.24
  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • UCCA Auditorium
  • In Chinese Only