Performing Arts Platform Series: The Multi-Cultural Compositions of Chow Jun Yi

In the works of Chinese-Malaysian composer Chow Jun Yi, one finds a brilliant fusion of cultures. In “Kampung” [village], which won the Yanhuang Cup in 2010, one hears the sheng—one of China’s oldest known free-reed instruments—and the gamelan—better known in Southeast Asia—combined in a composition that transports the listener to an exotic land. UCCA is proud to welcome Chow Jun Yi to share his understanding of Chinese folk music. Also invited to perform three of Chow Jun Yi’s compositions for the erhu are Yang Xue (Associate Professor, Central Conservatory of Music) and Liu Qiucen. They will be performing “Travelling,” “Evening,” and “Cuizhuo.”

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Chow Jun Yi

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Chow Jun Yi started learning the piano at age of five and played cello and double bass in a Chinese orchestra during middle school. Chow studied composition under Qin Wen Chen, Chen Gang, and Tang Jian Ping at Central Conservatory of Music, and also spent time under P. Q. Phan at Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Chow received Master of Music in Composition in 2013.

In 2010, Chow’s symphony work “Getaran” was commissioned and premiered by Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and toured Malaysia. In the same year, his piece “Kampung” won 2nd Place in Taipei Chinese Orchestra (TCO) International Composition Competition. Chow’s work for pipa and symphony orchestra “Dialogue” was selected in 2012 Beijing Modern Music Festival Young Composers’ Project. Chow was also the finalist for 2013 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composers Prize.


Yang Xue

Liu Qiucen

About the Performing Arts Platform Series

In March 2014, UCCA and Ping Pong Productions launched the Performing Arts Platform Series. Through a wide variety of performances, open rehearsals, performing arts workshops, master classes, arts management seminars, lectures, talks and discussions with artists, critics and scholars, this program series creates unprecedented opportunities for Chinese and international performing artists and audiences to meet and interact. It facilitates cross-genre and cross-cultural exploration, enriching cultural exchange and collaboration between Chinese and international artists, audiences and students.


Ping Pong Productions

Ping Pong Productions is a catalyst that brings China and the world together through the performing arts. As artistic ambassadors, they engage cultures through discourse, searching for points of cooperation, mutual exchange and understanding. They develop cultural exchange projects and facilitate creative collaborations between Chinese and international artists, scholars and audiences. With teams based in China and the United States, PPP has extensive experience providing production, consulting, management and planning services.

  • 81′48″
  • 2015.3.22
  • 14:00-15:30
  • UCCA Auditorium
  • Chinese Only
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