The Art of Well-Being: Workshop for Healing and Transformation

The Art of Well-Being: A Workshop on Healing and Transformation 

From 13 October to 15 October, the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) invites Dutch choreographers Dr. Marloes van Houten and Rosa Allessie to host a series of workshops focusing on body, spiritual healing, and transfomation. In these series of workshops partcipants will learn to utilized the Life/Art Process, invented by the choreographers, along with dance and expressive arts therapy pioneers Anna and Daria Halprin, who founded the Tamalpa Institute in California in 1978. They employ a movement-based approach, whereby somatic psychology, visual art-making, poetry, dance, and performance art are joined together to facilitate the Life/Art Process that promotes embodied healing and transformation. The approach can be used in therapeutic trajectories as a well as to deepen choreographic and performance processes.

Themed around “reinventing home,” this workshop series attempts to take the concept of “home” into question. What is “home”? Is it needed to deconstruct and reconstruct to create a place/space/body known as home? How can one sustain a place that feels like home? Participants will learn to use movement, dance, as well as collage-making, poetry, and vocalization to discover what it means “to be at home,” and how we can sustain this place and feeling while living in a bustling city like Beiijng.


Deep Fall Puppet

This performance is in conjunction with the exhibition “Cold Nights” in UCCA’s Central Gallery, which is inspired by modern Chinese writer Ba Jin’s eponymous 1947 novel. Curated by Boliang Shen and Zhanglun Dai, the exhibition explores the performativity of creative acts, and the potential of artistic collaboration in times of precariousness and disillusionment.

Two female Dutch choreographers and dancers, Marloes van Houten and Rosa Allessie, have been invited to merge their bodies with the world of Ba Jin’s novel. In their choreographic response to the “Cold Nights” exhibition, they explore the subjectivity of the protagonists. They inhabit and reflect on the struggle between manipulation, love, jealousy, modernism, and conservatism. The dancers start as sculptures that gradually come to life, allowing the the dance, their relationships, and the narrative to unfold.

The exhibition, as well as the choreography of Marloes van Houten and Rosa Allessie, are both the artists’ response to their fictional personae and their collective reflection on current reality. The overlap and mixture of these responses construct a new space, a new text.


10.13(Fri)19:00-22:00   Workshops#1

10.14(Sat)9:00-12:00   Workshops#2

10.15(Sun)9:00-12:00   Workshops#3

10.17(Tue)14:00-14:15  Performance#1

10.17(Tue)15:00-15:15  Performance#2

10.17(Tue)16:00-16:15  Performance#3




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Marloes van Houten (Artist, educator)

Dr. Marloes van Houten (b.1982) is a Dutch dancer, art director, choreographer, researcher, expressive arts trainer, and movement educator. She has an educational background in dance, theatre, visual arts and politics. She studied Expressive Arts for Performance, Therapy and Education (Advanced Post-Master) in Switzerland, and completed her PhD in Hong Kong, focusing on the Life/Art Process as a choreographic tool for dealing with Hong Kong’s current social political challenges.

While raised in the Netherlands, her teaching (dance, pilates, yoga, conditioning, partnering), performance, and choreography projects has taken her around the globe. In 2013, Houten founded a coaching practice focusing on wellbeing through workout, nutrition, and expressive arts (www.zoecoaching.nl). In 2014, she started the 5 year Hong Kong/China – Netherlands dance dialogue project titled HKNLversations – Reinventing Home, where she acts as Artistic Director.

Houten worked as a professional dancer for various companies and projects, such as Dance Theatre Cadans (Eric Velu Productions), Monique Duurvoort Danst (NL), I-AM concepts (Singapore), Dutch National Ballet (aerialist/dancer for ‘The New Prince), and Vivo Ballet (Rome). The most recent dance productions she directed/choreographed include “Forge Portmanteau” (HK 2015), “Poiema” (i-dance Festival HK, 2015), “The Voyage” (HKICAROS & Dutch Days of Hong Kong, 2016), “Muscari Armeniacum,” and “Flora, Forgotten and Forgiven” (Art Rotterdam NL, 2017).


Rosa Allessie (Artist, educator)

Rosa Allessie is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, and creative entrepreneur from Holland. She graduated with a BA in Contemporary Performance/Dance Theatre at the Fontys School of Arts (Tilburg, The Netherlands) in 2013. Dance is her first language, and her goal is to tell stories through movement, whether as a performer, teacher, (co-) creator, or otherwise. Rosa has a foundation in classical ballet, contemporary dance, jazz, dance theatre, floorwork, and improvisation.

She worked as a professional dancer in various companies and projects, such as De Stilte (internship and contract), Holland Opera (Blauwbaard), DMT (Before the Storm Breaks a.o.), La Fura Dels Baus (Turning on the Lights), De Nationale Opera (The New Prince), Isabelle Beernaert (Under My Skin), Truus Bronkhorst (Seule & Excerpts 2).
Allessie also creates her own work, both solo and in collaboration with other artists. Her pieces “Look/See” and “Movement Perpétuel” were shown at festivals and various other events. With Jamie de Groot she created “Altijd Hetzelfde Liedje” and “Statua Viva.” In collaboration with Beeldjutters (video artists) she choreographed and danced in several performances. With Maartje Fijen she created work as part of the dance theatre company Buurvrouw&Buurvrouw. Her work “Hoge Nood,” “Circus Buurvrouw&Buurvrouw,” and “Hé Teut” have been performed at various festivals in Holland.


Dancing Fairy

  • 2017.10.13 – 2017.10.17
  • 9:00-22:00
  • Workshop、Central Gallery
  • Chinese & English