New Directions: Chang Yun-han
2018.3.24 - 2018.5.27
New Gallery
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Chang Yun-han excels at transforming what language cannot capture—her relationship with art history, the art system, and unfamiliar environments, as well as the feelings brought on by these relationships—into images. Here, a brief sojourn in New York provides the context for her transformations. Her new work looks at the cultural predicament in an era of increasingly sluggish globalization. Two New Yorks—one seen, one imagined—are joined together, and put into a relationship with the “real” New York that is at once close and distant.

About the Artist

Chang Yun-han (b. 1985, Changhua, Taiwan,China lives and works in Taipei) graduated with an M.F.A. in sculpture from the National Taiwan University of Arts. Her solo exhibition “You Are Not What You Think You Are” was held at the Taipei Contemporary Art Center in 2015. Major group exhibitions include: “Live Ammo” (Taipei Contemporary Art Center, 2011); the 2010 Taipei Biennial (Taipei Fine Arts Museum); and the finalists exhibition for the 2009 Taipei Arts Award (Taipei Fine Arts Museum).

About The “New Directions”

Initiated in 2015, the “New Directions” series offers some of China’s most promising young artists a platform to realize their first institutional solo exhibition and monographic publication. Deepening UCCA’s ongoing commitment to emerging practices pioneered by shows including “The New Normal” (2017), “ON|OFF” (2013), “Breaking Forecast” (2009), and the “Curated By…” series (2010-2012), New Directions aims to present, through a constellation of singular positions, an overall sense of the richness and complexity of new art in China today.