UCCA Foundation Council 2018-2019   (Names listed in alphabetical order)

Established in mid-2012, the Patrons Council is UCCA’s most important group of supporters. Consisting of leading Chinese and international collectors and entrepreneurs, the Council’s financial contribution helps UCCA realize its ambitions to deliver its award-winning range of exhibitions and programs. Successful in their own fields, they offer regular guidance to UCCA on operational matters. In return, UCCA provides the Patrons Council with exclusive programming, an intimate network, and a unique opportunity to gain deeper access to the contemporary art world on a global scale. This group, the first of its kind in China, is vital to UCCA’s long-term development and sustainability.

Beginning on July 1, 2018, UCCA introduce the UCCA Foundation Council, as well as introducing a new giving model. Members of UCCA Foundation Council must be invited to join; and the Foundation Council is capped at 30 members; new members can join only upon vacancies. Members who were a part of the original UCCA Patrons Council can become “Founding Patrons” of the Foundation Council. UCCA Foundation Council is UCCA’s most important group of patrons, playing an oversight role in UCCA Foundation, directly participating in UCCA Foundation’s core operations. Through this comprehensive overhaul and upgrading of the system, UCCA hopes to give those who want to support contemporary art an opportunity; to give our patrons the best possible feedback, to cooperate with internationally recognized museums, and to become China’s first art institution to be jointly governed with its Patrons Council.



Founding Members of the Council are designated by an asterisk.

  • Jack Chen
  • Hallam Chow
  • Gary Gao & Paige Xu
  • Jason Jiang
  • Ivy Le *
  • Li Lin *
  • Liu Jun Jun *
  • Liu Lan *
  • Lily Liu & James Qin *
  • Ma Yin
  • Jerry Mao *
  • Sha Ye
  • Derek & Michelle Leung Sulger *
  • Tian Jun *
  • Carmen Tu
  • Guy & Myriam Ullens *
  • Jack & Susy Wadsworth *
  • Wang Jun *
  • Alina Xie *
  • Yang Bin *
  • Baobao Zeng *
  • Zimo Zeng *
  • and those who wish to remain anonymous