UCCA Design Committee
Promoting the development of design, communicating its value, and bringing Chinese design to the world stage.

The UCCA Design Committee was founded at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in March 2013. Through a wide range of art and design programs, including research projects, forums, workshops, exhibitions, and international exchange, the Committee brings the latest in design ideas to Chinese audiences, advancing the international prestige of Chinese design and nurturing fresh talents in the Chinese design world. The UCCA Design Committee comprises designers, academics, and other industry leaders, and in putting these minds together, a context has been created in which new ideas and inspirations can emerge. In this highly global moment, the Committee explores and discusses the future of Chinese design and the question of how East and West can best come together in design.


Members (In alphabetical order):

Chen Man, Hai Jun, Jia Wei, Song Tao, Sun Wentao, Freeman Lau, Liu Feng, May Xue, Yung Ho Chang

  • UCCA Front Entrance